Mission Statement

The mission of Zurmo is to challenge the way people approach CRM. Our project is built on an honest open source model, supported by a diverse community passionate about engineering the highest quality CRM on Earth. Our ultimate goal is to create a CRM that everyone will actually use.

As developers, we believe in doing things right. We do everything possible to instill confidence in our application and its long term stability. By following a test-driven development methodology, we are able to discover and fix bugs faster with each line of code that is created. The purely open source nature of our application is free of technical roadblocks and encourages developers to build meaningful customizations, plug-ins, and integrations that are tested, supported, and included in the platform when deemed viable by the community.

As a community, we strive to be open, diverse, supportive, and trusting in one another. We value the community and share a common ethos that is open source CRM. We aim for a diverse group of contributors that is not strictly limited to developers, but also includes teams of other relevant groups (translators, sales/marketing experts, non-profit organizations, etc) whose varied input and perspectives help make Zurmo great. We provide the appropriate documentation and support to empower developers, end users, and vendors alike.

Traditionally, CRM systems have failed end users. We seek to correct this. For our end users, our mission is to make the system intuitive, easy to understand, natural, (and dare we say fun?). Gaming mechanics, training and guidance should be embedded in the application so people can accomplish their goals effectively. We strongly value the feedback from you, our users, as your experience working with Zurmo is the way we measure our project’s success.

Finally, as Zurmo evolves, we welcome changes and recommendations to the application. But as a community, we are devoted to always remain on course with the core values outlined in this mission statement.